Sunday, October 4, 2009

Jack-O-Lantern Cake

Prepare 2 cakes (homemade or 2 box cakes made according to package) baked in bundt pans. Cooled and removed from pans.

To decorate:
2 cans vanilla frosting
8 drops red food coloring
16 drops yellow food coloring
Candy corns
2-3 flat bottom ice cream cones
6 drops green food coloring

In a medium bowl combine both cans of frosting, remove 1/4 C of frosting and set aside.
Add red and yellow food colorings to larger bowl. Blend well to make orange frosting.
Place one of the bundt cakes round side down on a plate (trim if necessary to make a more flat surface to sit on plate). Spread top with 1/3 of orange frosting. Place second cake, round side up, on first cake (making sure to line up ridges of cakes). Frost both cakes with remaining orange frosting.
Stir in green food coloring into reserved frosting. Stack 1-2 cones, flat sides towards the plate, in the cake's "hole". Frost last cone with green frosting and place on top of other cones, flat side up, to make the jack-o-lantern's stem.
Decorate with candy pieces to make a jack-o-lantern face on side of cake.

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