Monday, November 8, 2010

Pesto Cavatappi

Summer S.

½ lb white mushrooms, sliced
1 lb. chicken breasts (boneless/skinless)
1 pkg Knorr pesto sauce
3T Christopher Ranch Pesto sauce (jar in veggie section)
1c. heavy cream (or half & half)
2T olive oil
1 bottle yummy Italian dressing (I like Paul Newman’s Original Family Recipe)
1 pkg. Cavatappi noodles
In a 350 degree skillet- place chicken (whole), cover with Italian dressing- place lid. 10 min one side, 10 min the other, uncovered 5 min. You can either add mushrooms to the chicken the last 15 min- or saute them separately with butter/garlic. 
While this is cooking- in a small sauce pan, prepare Knorr sauce to package directions, add pesto paste and cream- simmer until ready to serve.
Boil Cavatappi according to package (approx 11 min.)
Cut chicken into nice sized bite-chunks. In a “fry pan” add olive oil and noodles. Toss until warm.  Add chicken and mushrooms, toss until warm.  Add sauce and toss until “glistens”. If it looks “dry” add more cream. 
Sounds like a lot of work- its not- and its DELICIOUS!

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