Sunday, October 9, 2011

We scream ice cream sandwiches !

MaryAnn C.

I saw this idea several years back and thought it was very cute!

12 round ice cream sandwiches that have a chocolate cookie (or however many your party needs). I use the mint ones.
12 chocolate cones
Flat frosting tip
Store bought vanilla frosting or make your decorator frosting if you wish
Orange food coloring
12 single pieces of candy corn
Dipping chocolate (enough to melt and dip the rims only of the 12 chocolate cones)

*Melt the dipping chocolate and dip the chocolate ice cream cone in the melting chocolate –just enough to cover the rim and place the cones in the center of each sandwich. Freeze. (the chocolate will help the cone adhere to the cookie)

* Take frozen sandwiches out of freezer. Load a decorator bag with the frosting that you have colored with a drop or two of the orange food coloring to make a hat band around the rim of the cone.

* Add a candy corn on one side of the brim to give the witches hat a festive look.


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