Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Marshmallow Nail Polish Bottles

One bag of Tootsie Rolls
One tub of vanilla frosting
One bag of regular size marshmallows

Unwrap the same amount of Tootsie Rolls as marshmallows you are going to use.
Cut a toothpick in half. Insert blunt end into Tootsie Roll and pointed end into the marshmallow to make your bottles.

I had 40 marshmallows (until my 4 yr old ate one) so I ended up with 39 assembled "nail polish bottles".
I put a real bottle of polish to compare.

Remove foil lid from the frosting and place in the microwave on high for 30 seconds. Stir well! Add the food color you want to use to frosting and stir. 
I used regular "liquid drops", but you could use the "paste" kind to. This is what I had on hand.
Dip each bottle into the frosting, until it almost touches the Tootsie Roll handle. Scrape off the excess frosting the bottom of each marshmallow and place on a foil lined tray. I didn't take pictures of the dipping process, cause it was hard to do!
I made various shades of pink for my event. So I just kept adding drops of red food dye for each batch.
Then place in the fridge to "harden".

Remove from foil. Place on serving platter.
I used a small off-set spatula to place on my serving platter.


Pink Nail Polish Bottles!!

Thank you Nana Michelle Aloha Recipes for sharing the idea with me!! 

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