Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Eggnog French Toast

This has been a Christmas traditional breakfast for our family for at least a decade. I am somewhat allergic to eggnog. I love the flavor, but it does NOT love me. I thought that if I cooked it then it would sit better with me, and guess what it does!!

My son is living in Canada as a missionary for the next 2 years. He asked if I would send him this recipe so he could make it on his own this Christmas for him and other missionaries. That is when I realized I have never posted this one before. Shame on me!!

I hope you enjoy it and start the tradition of your own. If you try it out let me know, I'd love to see pictures of you making, eating, and enjoying!

Eggnog French Toast 

1 quart of eggnog (homemade or store bought, I stick with store bought)
2 eggs, beaten
nutmeg (you could use cinnamon in a pinch, but the nutmeg tastes better)
 1 loaf of Texas Toast style bread (again you can use a homemade bread thickly sliced into 16-18 slices)
butter, you need some to fry them in and to serve the French toast with
pancake syrup (also homemade or store bought). Homemade recipe is below.

Pour eggnog into an 8 or 9 inch baking dish. Whisk up the 2 eggs and stir into eggnog.
Heat up a griddle, cast iron or nonstick pan over medium low heat. These have to be done at a lower to temp to prevent burning. They fry up low and slow.
Put about 1 TBS of butter into the pan and coat cooking surface. Do this for each batch. You will also have to scape the sugary coating out of the pan before each batch of toast goes into the pan.
Dip in the eggnog mixture however many pieces of bread will fit into your cooking pan at a time. Mine fits 4 as you can see above. Place in pan and lightly sprinkle each piece with some nutmeg.
Let them cook slowly. DO NOT try to turn them over too soon, you will pull the coating off of the bread and make a mushy mess in the pan. Really trust me on want to learn from me and not be like me!!
Turn over and cook the other side.
Repeat with remaining bread and eggnog mixture. Don't forget to scrape out the sugary coating left in the pan, and re-coat the pan with a TBS of butter.
Keep cooked toast in a warm oven until time to serve with butter and syrup (don't forget the bacon!!)

Homemade Syrup
1 cup white sugar
1 cup packed brown sugar
1 cup water
1 tsp vanilla
1 TBS maple extract (Brand name Mapleine, they carry it at Walmart)

In a saucepan combine all  ingredients and bring to a boil. Watch it!! You do not want this to boil all over your stove! Again learn from me, don't be like me!! You may have to remove the pan from the heat to keep it from boiling all over the place. Turn heat down to low and simmer for about 10 minutes. Serve hot over pancake, waffles, and French toast.
This easily doubles or triples! We store the leftovers in a squeeze bottle in the fridge, once it has cooled enough to transfer it into the plastic bottle.

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